The Best Dock Configuration for Fishing

Are you getting ready for next year’s boating season? This is the best time of year to start planning all the necessary repairs and upgrades that your boat dock and lift need to be up and running for the start of next year’s season. It’s best to know what’s required early, so there will be plenty of time for repairs and installations. During this time of year, a common question that we get asked is what configuration would be best for a certain activity such as fishing. So today, we want to discuss the best dock configurations that make fishing easy and relaxing!

Which Fishing Dock is Best for Me?

There are many different ways to configure a dock that’s best suited for fishing. Now obviously, you’re able to stand on any dock you want to and fish, but there are ways you can design a dock to make fishing so much easier! If you have little room to walk around to move fishing spots, then it can be difficult. For an experienced fisherman with multiple poles, you need room to quickly move to the pole that has a catch and reel it in.

The first design that is the best budget option is a simple I shaped dock that goes straight out into the water. The great thing about a simple dock like this is that it can even be as small as just one dock section in the water! A simple design like this can easily store a boat on one side as well. There won’t be any obstacles in the way from accessing all sides of the water around your dock with this set up!

An I Shaped Fishing Dock

The next layout that we’ll talk about is a T shape layout. A dock like this will feature a walkway out to a cross section section which forms a T shape. This style of dock has all the benefits of an I shape, but you can also pull up a boat on the end to make it like a drive-thru dock! A dock like this will give you more room to get around on the water, and allows for your fishing area to be much larger than just the two sides of a dock. This is also a great dock for having a boat lift on the insides, or maybe some EZ Ports to store your PWC. This is a great set up for big water enthusiasts.

T Shaped Fishing Dock

The last set up that we’ll highlight in this blog isn’t really a fishing dock, it’s a swim platform. But the great thing about this set up is that it’s small, compact, and portable. It can be set up anywhere in the water with anchors. So if there’s a location a little bit out in the water that you know the fish bite at, you can install a platform out there and boat out to it to reel some fish in.

10′ x 13′ Platform Dock

No matter what type of setup you choose, you need to make sure your dock is configured well for fishing in your area. Make sure that your fishing dock provides you the comfort you deserve, and the protection you need. Here at EZ Dock of Mid-America, we want to make sure our customers have the best idea for a dock layout in mind based of their needs. If you’re interested in a new dock, or have questions regarding a dock layout feel free to contact us. Our team of experts will work with you to best determine your needs and get you out on the water to catch some beautiful fish!

The Difference in Seawalls

A seawall is used for preventing shoreline erosion from water over time. Due to water’s acidic nature, it will corrode soil and sand away and strip back a shoreline. A seawall offers a barrier of protection that will leave a shoreline in the same shape as it has been. There are different methods of shoreline protection to choose from, and we’ll discuss which method is best for your environment.

Do I Need A Seawall?

You’ll find a lot of seawalls in public bodies of water and near the ocean. They are also very common on residential properties. A seawall is needed to protect a shoreline against erosion, and to prevent flooding when the water rises. They are great for maintaining the value of property. If you own property near water with a lot of fluctuation, you’ll probably want a seawall. It’s not required, but it will certainly benefit your property.

What Are The Types of Seawall?

There are 3 different types of Seawall: Vertical, Curved, and Mound. A vertical seawall is built with panels sticking straight up vertically. The are designed to deflect wave energy and absorb any possible damage. These are the most common type of seawall found due to the simplicity. The drawback to a vertical system is the possibility of damage if a storm produces a wave larger than the wall. It is possible for water to get behind the wall and cause damage in that case.

Vertical Seawall

Curved seawalls are more anchored into the ocean floor and follow a natural curve of a shoreline to absorb energy. They are designed to handle taller waves and offer toe protection, which give them a benefit over vertical seawalls. Curved seawalls are more complex to install than vertical systems, so they will cost more as well. They are able to absorb waves better than a vertical seawall, but for residential areas without a lot of waves on the water a vertical system is the best option for the budget.

Mounded Seawall (Rip-Rap)

A more natural method of shoreline protection is to created a mounded seawall out of stone. This is usually called rip-rap. These are installed by laying down a layer a filter fabric known as geotextile to prevent soil from moving while the water passes through the over top layer of stone and gravel. This is by far the cheapest option of shoreline protection but it doesn’t provide all the protection that seawalls made of stronger materials do.

Cost of Seawall Construction

The cost of seawall construction will differ depending on what type of seawall you require. The cheapest option available is simply coating a shoreline with rip-rap. Before paying for rip-rap, be sure to decide if you want to sacrifice the protection a seawall will offer for a cost friendly option. In areas with lots of water activity and waves, this isn’t the smart choice. A curved seawall is the most complex solution, so it is the most expensive. If you’re interested in a new seawall or help with shoreline management, look up your local marine construction company and request a site inspection. It’s always better to have an expert come decide the best solution for you. Proper shoreline management will prevent erosion and increase property value, so it pays off over time!

How to Properly Use A Public Boat Ramp

During the boating season, public boat ramps are a high traffic area that can be a little intimidating to new lake goers. Frustration usually runs high on the public boat ramp due to long waits and owners wanting to ensure they safely get their boat in and out of the water. If you have someone that doesn’t know what they are doing take up the ramp, it’s going to back up traffic and increase frustration. Today we’re going to go over some guidelines to make sure you have an easy and stress-free launching process.

How to Use A Public Boat Ramp

Using a public boat ramp is actually a simple process once you’ve gotten the hang of it. Most boat ramps are a big parking lot, so there is plenty of room to park somewhere to make sure your boat is ready for the ramp. Check the drain plug and make sure the motor and battery are working before getting to the ramp to help prevent a clog at the ramp.

When ready to launch your boat, back up straight until your boat’s motor is just deep enough in the water for you to back off the trailer into it. It really helps if you have someone with you during this process, but it can be done by yourself. Once you’re all set in the water, tie off to an area out of the way while you go park your vehicle.

Pulling your boat out of water is a bit more difficult than getting it in, but the process is very similar. Back your trailer into the water where the boat will be able to drive up onto it. On your boat, slowly throttle forward until you are pulled up on the trailer and your motor is barely in the water. Strap your boat down then crank up the winch to pull it out of the water the rest of the way.

Proper Public Boat Ramp Etiquette

There are a few things to keep in mind while using the boat ramp to be mindful of others. As stated earlier, tempers usually run hot at the boat ramp so do what you can to avoid an unnecessary confrontation. Some things to make sure you do while using the ramp include:

  • Make sure your boat is running properly before putting it in the water.
  • Stay in your lane to avoid hogging the boat ramp all to yourself. Remember others are using it too.
  • Don’t take all day getting set and prepared at the ramp. Quickly use it to launch your boat and secure it.

If you are respectful of those around you, everything should be fine. It doesn’t matter if you take a little time or not as long as others have a chance to get their boat in and out of the water and they aren’t affected by you.

By keeping this information about using a boat ramp in mind, your trips to the lake will go smoothly! If you’re interested in EZ Dock feel free to contact us, or give us a call at (800) 654-8168. Our team of dock experts will work with you to design the perfect solution for your needs.

Introducing the New EZ Port 280

The EZ Port line of personal watercraft (PWC) lifts by EZ Dock has been considered by many to be the best line of lifts on the market. Since launching the series in 1996, over time the ports have evolved to include adjustable rollers and self-centering split entry to make getting in and out of the water with your PWC effortless. EZ Dock even invented the in-line port system as a way to store multiple ports in a tight slip. After the recent release of the EZ Port VXP for smaller 2-seat PWC, EZ Dock went back to the drawing board to improve the design of the award winning EZ Port MAX 2i. Today we’re proud to introduce the EZ Port 280, the widest PWC Port on the market!

EZ Port in Action

EZ Port 280 Features:

The EZ Port 280 combines the best of both worlds: The strength and durability of EZ Dock combined with the ease of use of EZ Port. With a width of 6′-6″, the EZ Port 280 is 10″ wider than any other port EZ Dock offers. This allows for more stability and walk room for PWC enthusiasts. The EZ Port 280 is the perfect solution for anyone looking for a way to easily get in and out of the water while storing a PWC safely. With it’s adjustable rollers, the EZ Port 280 can be configured to match any shape or size of hull.

EZ Port 280:

  • Has an additional 10″ of width compared to an EZ Port MAX 2i
  • Makes launching a PWC as easy as rolling off into water
  • Built-in bow stop to prevent overshooting
  • Protects PWC from weather damage
  • Prevents marine growth from building up on hull protecting your investment
  • Features (10) adjustable rollers that can accommodate any PWC
  • Can be attached to any EZ Dock, existing floating dock, or stand alone.
  • Can be installed in any Marina
  • Easy to install
  • Available in Beige or Gray

What is the EZ Port 280 Price?

The EZ Port 280 will be available in the late summer of 2021. However, it is now available for pre-order! For more information about pricing and available contact your local dealer.

How to Choose the Right PWC Port

If you’re a new personal watercraft (PWC) or waterfront property owner, nothing beats a fun day riding around the lake during the summer. While riding around the lake is a blast, pulling the jet ski out of water is a tedious chore that nobody wants to do if they don’t have to. Fortunately, there’s a solution to storing your PWC that will leave it high and dry, and out of corrosive water. The EZ Port! The EZ Port series by EZ Dock is the market leader in PWC ports due to it’s ease of use, protection, and durability.

Why You Need A Jet Ski Port

Owning a lift for your personal watercraft is essential to protecting the investment value because it keeps the PWC in the original condition that it was in as the day you bought it. By taking a jet ski out of water after each use, you eliminate the long term problems that are associated with leaving a jet ski in the water. Over time a jet ski will get hull damage by rubbing and banging up against a dock when the wind picks up and the weather worsens. Water will also fade paint on the hull over time due to the acidity in unpurified water minerals. While both of these are cosmetic damage that can lead to a big problem later, they will decrease the value of the jet ski and make it look old quick. People want to keep their PWC shiny and new, and have it last a long time. Water will also damage the internal parts of a jet ski, causing them to rust and gunk up quick if constantly submerged. So a quick way to make your jet ski look old and not run right is to leave it in the water.

A PWC lift or jet ski port will suspend your jet ski out of water, allowing it to be safely stored in a dry location. There are many models of jet ski port on the market including standard crank lifts, foam-filled polyethylene ports, or even wooden lifts but none compare to the EZ Port series. With plenty of adjustable rollers, getting in and out of the water with an EZ Port is as simple as rolling on and sliding off.

How EZ Port Compares to Competition

While the market is full of competing PWC lifts, none offer the durability and ease-of-use as EZ Dock. There’s still EZ Ports from 25+ years ago in the water today! The two most common PWC lifts are stationary and floating. A stationary lift will sit in the water in a fixed location and typically requires a wheel to crank the PWC in and out of the water. Instead of spending time cranking, EZ Port owners are able to use the built-in adjustable rollers to pull on and slide off. EZ Ports face much more competition when compared against floating PWC lifts. A floating PWC lift rises and lowers with the water level, perfect for bodies of water with a lot of fluctuation.

The competition to the EZ Port all lacks a key feature in one way or another. For example, most PWC lift manufacturers also fill their product with marine foam. A foam-filled PWC port will hold up for a couple of years, but after a while they will start to get warped and the plastic will bubble. Those bubbles will fill with water, causing the port to slowly start to sink. Another negative factor of foam is the harm to the environment caused when the beads start to leak. EZ Ports are all hollow and constructed out of durable polyethylene, meaning they will hold up for decades. Another advantage EZ Ports have when it comes to durability is the single unit one piece construction. Some competitors offer their set ups in modular cubes or sections that need to be coupled together. The problem with these designs is the pressure put on them by bending and conforming to the weight of the hull of a PWC. Over time the links will weaken and eventually snap leading to expensive repairs. EZ Port offers the user the most durable construction while being the easiest to use.

Picking the Right EZ Port for Your Lift

Much like there are different sizes and models of PWC, EZ Port offers three different lifts. The EZ Port MAX 2i, the current industry standard, is designed for larger three seat PWCs and features 12 adjustable rollers that can be shaped to match the hull of a PWC. For smaller 2 seat PWC, the EZ Port VXP is designed to accommodate any brand of shorter PWC with a weight limit of up to 1,300 lbs. The newest offering, the EZ Port 280, will be 80″ wide with an additional 10″ walk space compared to the MAX 2i. While the choice may be a little confusing, you can find out more about the different models here.

If you’re interested in an EZ Port, or have any questions regarding PWC lifts feel free to reach out to our team of experts. We’ll work with you to determine the PWC you own and the right lift that fits your needs. As always, you can also call to talk to your local EZ Dock dealer at (800) 654-8168.

Why Do I Need to Store My Boat on a Lift?

Boat are made for the water, so one might think “Why don’t I just leave my boat in the water?”. While boats are designed to travel on water, leaving a boat in the water either year round or for the entire season will damage a boat. Many new boat owners may be surprised to hear this. Leaving your boat in the water will cause your investment to lose value a lot sooner, leading to more money being spent at some point. Fortunately, there is a solution to protect a boat and leave it out on the water without having to pull it in and out every time: a boat lift!

A boat safely stored on a lift.

Types of Damage Cause by Water

Leaving your boat in the water will lead to everything below the waterline to corrode over time due to the acidic nature of water minerals. Water is very detrimental to a boat’s hull. A couple of the most common damage types caused by leaving a boat in the water are blisters in the hull’s lining or the color fading over time. A boat sitting in water will also have lime and algae cover the hull, so there will be a sticky residue on the bottom. Damage caused by leaving a boat in water can all be prevented by simply lifting the boat above the waterline with a lift.

Benefits of Owning A Boat Lift

A boat lift will pay for itself over time by keeping your boat in the condition that you bought it in. There are many types of boat lifts designed to fit all types of docks and water conditions, it’s just a matter of finding the perfect one that fits your needs. By keeping your boat above the waterline, you’re going to save hundreds of dollars in maintenance over the years. Another big benefit of a boat lift is the stability provided. Having a boat in a secure place where it won’t go anywhere makes boarding much easier.

EZ BoatPort: The Simplest Solution to Boat Lifts

No matter what type of boat you own or what your needs might be, EZ Dock will find a solution. For boat owners, we offer a drive-on boat lift that makes the launching and docking process a breeze: the EZ BoatPort. An EZ BoatPort simply requires the user to drive right on, and back right off without any cranking or labor needed. A BoatPort can accommodate any size boat, except pontoons. With the right configuration for your hull, even a beginning boater will be able to safely store their dock out of water.

An EZ BoatPort in action.

EZ BoatPort is also a maintenance-free option! With its durable polyethylene construction, an EZ BoatPort will never rust, have cables snap, need legs replaced, need a new winch tube, or any of the headaches that come with owning a steel or aluminum boat lift. It can stand on it’s own, be attached to any existing floating or stationary dock, and of course is instantly compatible with any EZ Dock system.

If you’re interested in a new boat lift solution, look no further than EZ Dock! Our EZ BoatPort series can make life easier for any boat owner. No more damage from the water or mother nature to your boat. It’s time to protect your investment and keep it in the shape it was in the day you bought it! Those interested in getting a boat lift near them can feel free to contact us, or give us a call at (800) 654-8168.

The FAQs of EZ Dock

EZ Dock is one of the best solutions available for waterfront owners. However, after years of traditional steel and wood docks being the most common dock installed people may be a little hesitant to abandon what they know for a product they are uninformed about. With it’s modular-design and worry-free durability, EZ Dock allows a customer to design the perfect dock to fit their needs that will hold up over time. However, when we are talking to customers about EZ Dock, they all tend to ask several of the same questions. Today, we are going to go over some of these to give our customers as much helpful information they can get before they give us a call.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About EZ Dock

1. How long will it take to get my new dock?

All EZ Dock products offered at Deaton’s Waterfront Services are in-stock and ready to be installed. Most docks can be delivered and installed right away so you can begin enjoying your dock immediately, but in the case that we are out of a product the turnaround time at most can take up to a month.

2. Can you install the dock, or will I have to myself?

Deaton’s Waterfront Services is proud to offer installation for any project our customers see fit. We will give you a quote beforehand to make sure everything is good to go. However in the case of EZ Dock, the installation process is very simple and can be installed within a day. Projects generally require two people for installation.

3. Does EZ Dock require any special tools for installation?

A coupler installation tool (about $40) is the only specialized tool that you will need to assemble the EZ Dock sections. A hammer, ratchet, 15/16″ socket, coupler socket tool (about $5), and a Phillips head screwdriver is all it takes. Consider the fact that the EZ Dock design eliminates up to 60% of the components that other manufactured dock systems need for assembly. It takes only one connection point to make twenty feet of EZ Dock, versus up to seven connection points on ordinary systems. It really is simple and EZ! And, the sections can be assembled on land or in the water.

4. What is inside of EZ Dock?

The EZ Dock one-piece sections contain no fillers or foam for flotation. Their uniquely engineered design forms chambers that displace water and trap air for buoyancy.

5. How hot does EZ Dock get after sitting in the sun all day?

The light color of EZ Dock helps keep the deck surfaces cooler than just about any other deck surface. Shade Structures can always be added to EZ Dock. EZ Dock uses a UV-8 inhibitor in all of its products. These inhibitors range from UV-1 being the lowest protection to UV-8 being the largest protection. We also produce an extremely thick product (about 3/8″ average thickness). The final defense against UV is the light tan color of the dock.

6. How much maintenance does EZ Dock require?

EZ Dock will provide a long-life experience of maintenance-free enjoyment. An occasional wash with soap and water is about all that is required to keep the dock looking new.

7. What anchoring options do I have for my dock?

EZ Dock has several anchoring options including steel pipes, hinge kits, deadweights, and stiff arms. EZ Dock can be anchored in any water condition.

8. Is the deck surface slippery when wet?

The EZ Dock surfaces have a non-skid texture molded into the dock sections. The docks also have grooves to channel the water away. These two items work together to provide safe footing, even when the deck surface is wet.

9. Will the dock damage my boat or personal watercraft?

No. EZ Dock is manufactured out of high-density polyethylene and will not damage any hulls. EZ Dock also manufactures dock bumpers to provide extra security.

10. What gangway options are available?

There are two options when choosing a gangway for EZ Dock: Polyethylene or Aluminum. EZ Dock also offers wooden plank kits.

11. What is the freeboard height for EZ Dock?

Dock sections are 15″ high and will draft about 2″ of water resulting in a really nice 13″ freeboard height.

12. Is EZ Dock environmentally safe?

EZ Dock is just about the most environmentally friendly product that you can put on the water. Our dock sections do not rust, splinter, dissolve, or have any paint or chemicals that can harm the environment.

13. How long has EZ Dock been around?

EZ Dock was started in 1989 by Jack Neitzke and Cliff Vierus. Jack owns a Harbor on the Mississippi near Winoma, MN and had decided to update his entire dock system. As he shopped around and looked at different brands and styles of docks, he felt that everything currently available required too much maintenance, had too many parts, was too difficult to install or change once installed, needed to be taken out in the winter, or was just plain too expensive. Well, Jack explained all this to Cliff, and the two of them set out to design a dock system, which would resolve those issues. In 1991 the first EZ Dock prototype sections were rotational molded and went into use at Jack’s Harbor. Today, those original 78 sections are still in use YEAR ROUND.

14. Is EZ Dock foam-filled? Won’t that cause it to sink?

NO! The Composite Materials Center at Winona State University has performed various tests and measurements on the EZ Dock sections which prove that even if you took a chain saw and opened the dock sections from top to bottom the dock would only lower about 1.6″ further into the water, the interior pylons would each continue to support about 55lbs apiece. This means that the smaller section could continue to support 330 lbs and the larger one would continue to support about 500lbs. Even if you flooded the interior pylons, it still won’t sink under its own load because the density of the polyethylene is less than that of water.

15. Why not use foam? Wouldn’t that be simpler?

While it would have been easier to build a float that contained foam, our advanced structural design has completely eliminated the need for foam. Simply put, our float doesn’t need foam for structural integrity, flotation or for any other reason. Our decision to NOT use foam was based upon the advise we received from water use experts with several different State’s Departments of Natural Resources, and others, like the U.S Army Corps of Engineers. Their concern was for the long range detrimental effects on the environment of foam which could potentially escape if a float is damaged.

16. What happens if my dock becomes damaged?

First, consider that the average wall and deck thickness is anywhere from two to four times thicker than ordinary foam filled floatation devices. So, it’s very unlikely that even under extreme conditions the EZ Dock float/deck would develop a leak. But, if it did, you would simply drain the water and repair the affected area with a heat source like a soldering iron.

17. Aren’t all floating docks tipsy and difficult to walk on, especially in waves?

While there will always be a floating sensation on any floating dock, there are differences between dock designs. The EZ Dock being one long, continuous, float, reduces these effects considerably. Consider the fact that when you walk on a conventional floating dock which uses decking to span between floats, your weight is mostly concentrated on only one float which has about 13 square feet of water-to-float surface contact. But, when you walk on an EZ Dock your weight is distributed over a minimum of 35 square feet of water-to-float contact area. That’s nearly 3 times more area! With regard to wave action, consider that the EZ Dock float/deck section, must because of its length and connection to other sections, rise to the top of waves and therefore bridges them. EZ Dock doesn’t act like a sea serpent trying to be high and low at different points.

18. Can I leave my EZ Dock in during the winter?

Ice, and extreme cold weather do not affect the EZ Dock float/deck. The polyethylene remains flexible to -90 degrees Fahrenheit and the floats are only drafting about 1.5″ of water, meaning that ice pressure will force the float upward, not inward. If you know however that there will be an ice pressure push affecting your installation, we recommend that you remove the pipes or pilings so that the pipes won’t be bent by that force.

19. Is EZ Dock expensive?

It has been said that there are two costs involved with any purchase. The initial cost to buy a product, and the cost of ownership. While there may be other systems available for less money, there are certainly just as many available for more money as well. We never intended for the EZ Dock system to be the cheapest to buy, only the least expensive to own! Our design provides for a long (25 to 30 years expected) and trouble free (rubber couplers provide for flexing and eliminate component fatigue) lifetime of usage.

20. What is the warranty provided by EZ Dock?

EZ Dock provides an 8 year warranty on the floating docks (see warranty). If a dock section should fail due to a manufacturing defect the dock is replaced with a new dock, not a prorated amount but a new replacement dock. EZ Dock provides extended warranty services for up to twenty years based on customer requirements.

While this will answer some questions, we understand that there are many more. If you are interested in EZ Dock and have any questions concerning it, feel free to contact us or give us a call at (800)654-8168.

Transform Your Next Water Event With Dock Rentals

There are many events that can be made more fun by adding water. If you’re holding an event near water, it makes sense to try to utilize it for more space for entertainment. It opens up a whole new layer of entertainment that wouldn’t be possible on land. There are all kinds of events that renting a dock could boost: regattas, marathons, weddings, parties, reunions, fireworks, construction, movies, church, or whatever you could possibly think of. Renting a dock gives you the temporary fun you need in the moment without having to pay a permanent price.

The Benefits of Renting A Dock with EZ Dock

There are many different applications where you could use a dock whether it’s for work or play. Floating dock rentals allow you to use a dock as long as needed. You could even expand the area of your existing dock by adding a few temporary dock sections if you’re hosting an event with a lot of traffic.

Finding the right floating dock solution is key. As one of the top floating dock manufacturers in the world, EZ Dock is the solution of choice for customers who need safety, stability and adaptability.

The Benefits of EZ Dock include:

Durability. The first dock EZ Dock installed more than 26 years ago is still going strong. Our docks are designed to last, so you get value for your money and can enjoy many special events with your temporary dock. With a thick polyethylene construction, EZ Dock sections can handle any heavy duty application thrown its way.

Adaptability: EZ Dock’s unique modular design means that your temporary dock sections can be assembled and reassembled in nearly countless configurations. Plus, as your needs evolve, EZ Dock grows with you. We have a variety of dock section shapes and sizes, boat ports, PWC and kayak launches and lots of accessories to ensure your temporary docking solution meets your event’s exact needs.

Safety. Every EZ Dock product is designed with safety in mind. Slip-resistant surfaces are molded right into the dock, helping to ensure that guests can walk over the dock with less risk of slips and falls. Grooves on the docks ensure water flows off and does not pose a hazard. Unlike wood docks, with EZ Dock you won’t have to worry about rotten planks, splinters or nails.

Easy. No other dock solution offers the ease of use of EZ Dock. Our sturdy dock sections adjust to the water leaving you with no maintenance worries if a storm comes through. With an easy installation that will leave no permanent damage to the environment, EZ Dock requires no large crews to set up. Giving your more time to focus on your event.

How A Dock Rental Can Transform Your Next Event

A dock rental offers the people gathered at your event full access to the water without you paying full price for a dock. If you’re only hosting the event once, it makes sense rent a dock to save thousands of dollars to help keep budgets low. A rented dock can turn a hot day in the park with no shade to the best place to cool off and take a quick dip. There are several different applications in which a rented dock can greatly benefit everyone involved:

Athletic: There are many lakes, public pools, and natatoriums where athletic competitions are held on the water. In the past, EZ Dock has worked with rowing teams hosting regattas to provide a dock for all participants to launch their rowing boat. The Low-Profile dock sections have a low freeboard height, allowing users to launch their boat in the water safely while being close to the water. We have also set up docks for triathlons to allow their athletes to jump into the water.

Recreational: There are many fun events that can be held on land, but the fun can double if it’s held on water! We have set up movie theaters, concert stages, church services, firework shows and we’ve also provided water access for many weddings, parties, and reunions. No matter what fun activity you have planned, if it can be held on land we’ll make sure we can host it on the water too.

Industrial: EZ Dock has been used as a portable floating platform in many applications, allowing access from the water while construction is performed near it. With a heavy duty build and a high weight capacity, EZ Dock can handle the roughest jobs. It can be configured into a floating work platform, or can be used for transport as a material barge. You could even design a floating pump station.

Final Thoughts On Dock Rentals

Renting a dock allows you to temporarily use the perfect set up to get people on the water. You get all the benefits of fun, without all the headaches from maintenance. If you’re planning an event that has a body of water near it, look into the possibility of adding a dock to add an extra layer of fun. EZ Dock of Mid-America will work with you to design the perfect dock no matter what application. Our team of experts will handle everything from design to installation, leaving you to only worry about your event. If you’re interested in renting a dock, feel free to contact us here on our website. You can also give us a call at (800) 654-8168.

The King of Ports: Why the EZ Port is the Best

Jet Skis, or Personal Watercraft (PWC), are a great source of fun on the water. To be able to zip across the water at fast speeds on a little watercraft is kind of like racing on a track. You get to feel the cool breeze of the wind while But what happens to the fun when the sun goes down? Then it’s time to begin the process of getting your PWC out of the water. Some people choose to go the hard route and pull their jet skis out of the water onto a trailer after every use. However, smart owners will store them in a PWC lift. There are several models of PWC lift available, but today I’m here to tell you why the EZ Port reigns king.

EZ Ports: The Market Leader

When it comes time to store your EZ Port, why mess with methods that require a lot of work? Nobody wants to spend time cranking up their jet ski onto a trailer or lift after they’ve been in the water all day. With the EZ Port series, getting in and out of the water is as simple as drive on and roll off.


There are two different models of EZ Port: the EZ Port VXP and EZ Port MAX 2i. For smaller 2 seat PWCs, the VXP is recommended. With a capacity rating of up to 1,300 lbs., the EZ Port VXP is great for small models of PWC such as the Yamaha EX, Sea-Doo Spark and Trixx, and the Kawasaki SX-R.


EZ Port VXP features include:

  • (8) moveable rollers which can be positioned in any of the (36) location channels to shape to any hull
  • 1,300 lb. weight capacity designed for smaller 2 seat PWC
  • Built-in bow stop to peacefully prevent overshooting
  • Barefoot friendly with slip-resistant decking texture and UV protection

EZ Port MAX 2i

The EZ Port MAX 2i is the market leader for PWC ports. It is designed for larger vessels of up to 1,800 lbs. With its adjustable rollers, the EZ Port MAX 2i can be adapted to fit any size hull perfectly. They work better with larger 3 seat PWC, but are great for any jet ski model.

EZ Port MAX 2i

EZ Port MAX 2i features include:

  • (8) adjustable rollers that can be adapted to fit any hull shape or size
  • (4) entry rollers designed to allow for easy entry
  • 1,800 lb. weight capacity designed for all PWC including larger 3 seat models
  • Built-in bow stop to peacefully prevent overshooting
  • Barefoot friendly with slip-resistant decking texture and UV protection

EZ Ports Make Getting In and Out Easy

EZ Ports are floating modular PWC lifts that can be installed anywhere there is water. They can be attached to EZ Dock, stand alone with built-in pipe sleeves, or attach to any existing dock with a hinge kit. These universal PWC lifts will transform the way you get out on the water with your jet ski. You can know focus all of your time on the fun you’ll have on the water, without having to worry about getting the jet ski in and out of the water.

If you’re interested in an EZ Port lift, feel free to reach out to us for more information. Our team of experts will assist you with choosing the right lift for your dock and PWC, and make sure you spend more time on the water than off worrying about how to get back on. Feel free to connect with EZ Dock at (800) 654-8168.

The Best Dock for Hotels and Resorts

Have you ever been to the beach? It’s the spot most families on vacation like to travel to here in the winter time. People want to escape the snow and ice and go somewhere so warm that they forget the cold feeling. If you own a hotel or resort located on water, you can transform your waterfront into a hot spot destination with the right dock. With a dock on the water, your guests will be able to do several water activities: swim, boat, kayak, and of course you can always stop to admire the view!

Hotels & Resorts

Benefits of EZ Dock for Hotels and Resorts on the Water

A lot of hotels and resorts are located on the water, and several already have an EZ Dock system installed! EZ Dock is the perfect solution for hotels and resorts. With an incredible line of products that offers guests a way to enhance their favorite waterfront activities, EZ Dock can be shaped and configured into the ultimate set up that perfectly fits your needs. Here are a few of the benefits EZ Dock can bring your hotel. EZ Dock systems are:

  • Versatile: EZ Dock is a modular dock system, allowing you to design a dock to any shape or size you’d like. You can design a dock with multiple boat slips, a dock that just goes straight out, or a dock that looks like a traditional fishing pier. The best part? If you don’t like it, you can always shape it to something else. Designing a great dock for a hotel and resort is made easy with EZ Dock.
  • Safe: With a barefoot-friendly slip-resistant texture on the deck, guests will be able to run up and down the dock with no worries! The durable polyethylene material will never crack or splinter, and you’ll never have to worry about nails sticking out of the decking. Never worry about stepping on a hot deck and burning your feet due to the dock’s UV protection.
  • Low Maintenance: With EZ Dock’s safety comes durability. The construction of the section’s thick walls will prevent rotting, rusting, splintering. This means that yearly maintenance costs to maybe paint decking or replace anything that breaks will be nonexistent. This investment will pay itself off in the long run!

Dock Solutions for Hotels and Resorts

There are many ways to shape an EZ Dock to meet all of your needs. You can go with a L-Shape, T-Shape, I- or E-, whatever works best for the water you are located on. Our local dealers and team of experts will work with you to design the perfect solution for you and your guests to swim, boat, fish, walk, or anything else you can think of. Some solutions that we may suggest include:

  • Swim Platforms: Our floating swimming platforms are safe and accessible for all ages. They can be equipped with a water slide for even more fun! Give your guests a spot to rest a minute before they get back in the water for more fun!
  • PWC and Boat Rentals: A great source of extra income is to rent equipment for your guests to use while they enjoy their stay. Since they’re on the water and far from home, the chances of them owning a boat or jet ski is pretty low! Of course they’d like to be able to fully enjoy the experience, so a dock equipped with a few EZ Ports or BoatPorts will give them a chance to enjoy the water the way they want to.
  • Dock Accessories: In addition to giving your guests access to all the activities that are possible on the water, of course you’ll have a beautiful view that people would like to stop and enjoy. By equipping your dock with accessories such as benches with arm rests, swim ladders, and more, you’ll transform your dock from a place of activity to a cozy place to sit and relax.

More Information About EZ Hotel & Resort Docks

EZ Dock ensures the highest quality of safety with our dock sections. They are durable, stable, and offer slip-resistant grip. Your investment will be will protected, and will last nearly a lifetime. Hotels and resorts fall in love with EZ Dock when they see the weather it can handle, some systems have even held up in hurricanes! There will never be any worries about maintenance, you will not have to worry about repainting and maintenance schedules with EZ Dock. If you’re ready to improve your guests’ experience and waterfront property aesthetic – all while providing a strong return on investment, contact your nearest EZ Dock dealer today.