Why Do I Need to Store My Boat on a Lift?

Boat are made for the water, so one might think “Why don’t I just leave my boat in the water?”. While boats are designed to travel on water, leaving a boat in the water either year round or for the entire season will damage a boat. Many new boat owners may be surprised to hear this. Leaving your boat in the water will cause your investment to lose value a lot sooner, leading to more money being spent at some point. Fortunately, there is a solution to protect a boat and leave it out on the water without having to pull it in and out every time: a boat lift!

A boat safely stored on a lift.

Types of Damage Cause by Water

Leaving your boat in the water will lead to everything below the waterline to corrode over time due to the acidic nature of water minerals. Water is very detrimental to a boat’s hull. A couple of the most common damage types caused by leaving a boat in the water are blisters in the hull’s lining or the color fading over time. A boat sitting in water will also have lime and algae cover the hull, so there will be a sticky residue on the bottom. Damage caused by leaving a boat in water can all be prevented by simply lifting the boat above the waterline with a lift.

Benefits of Owning A Boat Lift

A boat lift will pay for itself over time by keeping your boat in the condition that you bought it in. There are many types of boat lifts designed to fit all types of docks and water conditions, it’s just a matter of finding the perfect one that fits your needs. By keeping your boat above the waterline, you’re going to save hundreds of dollars in maintenance over the years. Another big benefit of a boat lift is the stability provided. Having a boat in a secure place where it won’t go anywhere makes boarding much easier.

EZ BoatPort: The Simplest Solution to Boat Lifts

No matter what type of boat you own or what your needs might be, EZ Dock will find a solution. For boat owners, we offer a drive-on boat lift that makes the launching and docking process a breeze: the EZ BoatPort. An EZ BoatPort simply requires the user to drive right on, and back right off without any cranking or labor needed. A BoatPort can accommodate any size boat, except pontoons. With the right configuration for your hull, even a beginning boater will be able to safely store their dock out of water.

An EZ BoatPort in action.

EZ BoatPort is also a maintenance-free option! With its durable polyethylene construction, an EZ BoatPort will never rust, have cables snap, need legs replaced, need a new winch tube, or any of the headaches that come with owning a steel or aluminum boat lift. It can stand on it’s own, be attached to any existing floating or stationary dock, and of course is instantly compatible with any EZ Dock system.

If you’re interested in a new boat lift solution, look no further than EZ Dock! Our EZ BoatPort series can make life easier for any boat owner. No more damage from the water or mother nature to your boat. It’s time to protect your investment and keep it in the shape it was in the day you bought it! Those interested in getting a boat lift near them can feel free to contact us, or give us a call at (800) 654-8168.