Proper anchoring is one of the most critical steps of dock installation. Proper anchoring will hold your dock in place and provide the support it needs to remain stabilized. Without it, you may find that your dock is no longer where you left it. EZ Dock has several anchoring options available to ensure that your anchoring is the right fit for the right location.

Dock Anchoring Solutions

EZ Dock anchoring systems work by ensuring your dock stays in place, even with significant water fluctuation. Our anchoring systems are able to withstand the most extreme conditions, even tropical storms or harsh snow falls.

The many different EZ Dock anchoring options include:

  • Pipes and Augers (With Standard and Heavy-Duty Bracket Options)
  • Floating Dock Hinge Kits
  • Concrete Deadweights
  • Stiff Arms
  • Adustable Piling Brackets
  • Steel Piling Brackets and Hoops

These components are designed to protect your investment from the stress that mother nature throws at it. You can always contact our EZ Dock team to determine the best system that fits your needs.

Standard Duty Pipe Bracket

Heavy Duty Pipe Bracket

Hinge Adapter Kit

Deadweight/Stiff Arm Bracket

Heavy Duty Stiff Arm Bracket

Small Deadweight Bracket

Factors of Anchoring

There are several factors to consider before choosing the anchoring system. Our EZ Dock team is expertly trained at evaluating your waterfront and determining what the best anchoring option is for you.

These factors include:

  • Water Depth
  • Water Fluctuation
  • Local Accordances and Rules
  • Climate
  • Weather
  • Lake Activity

Deciding the proper anchoring system is not recommended for newcomers, as choosing the wrong option will lead to damage to your investment and costly repairs. Our EZ Dock team will work with you to determine the perfect anchoring system that keeps your investment stable and safe.