The Best Dock Configuration for Fishing

Are you getting ready for next year’s boating season? This is the best time of year to start planning all the necessary repairs and upgrades that your boat dock and lift need to be up and running for the start of next year’s season. It’s best to know what’s required early, so there will be plenty of time for repairs and installations. During this time of year, a common question that we get asked is what configuration would be best for a certain activity such as fishing. So today, we want to discuss the best dock configurations that make fishing easy and relaxing!

Which Fishing Dock is Best for Me?

There are many different ways to configure a dock that’s best suited for fishing. Now obviously, you’re able to stand on any dock you want to and fish, but there are ways you can design a dock to make fishing so much easier! If you have little room to walk around to move fishing spots, then it can be difficult. For an experienced fisherman with multiple poles, you need room to quickly move to the pole that has a catch and reel it in.

The first design that is the best budget option is a simple I shaped dock that goes straight out into the water. The great thing about a simple dock like this is that it can even be as small as just one dock section in the water! A simple design like this can easily store a boat on one side as well. There won’t be any obstacles in the way from accessing all sides of the water around your dock with this set up!

An I Shaped Fishing Dock

The next layout that we’ll talk about is a T shape layout. A dock like this will feature a walkway out to a cross section section which forms a T shape. This style of dock has all the benefits of an I shape, but you can also pull up a boat on the end to make it like a drive-thru dock! A dock like this will give you more room to get around on the water, and allows for your fishing area to be much larger than just the two sides of a dock. This is also a great dock for having a boat lift on the insides, or maybe some EZ Ports to store your PWC. This is a great set up for big water enthusiasts.

T Shaped Fishing Dock

The last set up that we’ll highlight in this blog isn’t really a fishing dock, it’s a swim platform. But the great thing about this set up is that it’s small, compact, and portable. It can be set up anywhere in the water with anchors. So if there’s a location a little bit out in the water that you know the fish bite at, you can install a platform out there and boat out to it to reel some fish in.

10′ x 13′ Platform Dock

No matter what type of setup you choose, you need to make sure your dock is configured well for fishing in your area. Make sure that your fishing dock provides you the comfort you deserve, and the protection you need. Here at EZ Dock of Mid-America, we want to make sure our customers have the best idea for a dock layout in mind based of their needs. If you’re interested in a new dock, or have questions regarding a dock layout feel free to contact us. Our team of experts will work with you to best determine your needs and get you out on the water to catch some beautiful fish!