Can I Install My Dock Myself?

Getting a new dock is a great feeling. Getting out on the water with friends and family is one of the best ways to spend your day in the summer time. For new dock owners, being able to enjoy the water is a spectacular new experience. While all the new fun is great, the cost that comes with getting a new dock installed isn’t good for your wallet. Along with the cost of the dock, there usually comes a charge for installation that can be a couple thousand dollars. Fortunately, EZ Dock is one of the easiest dock solutions available.

Two Men Launching from the EZ Kayak Launch

How Do I Install EZ Dock Myself?

The best feature that EZ Dock offers is right in the name… It’s Easy! This isn’t just talking about owning a worry-free dock, but the entire process from start to finish. EZ Dock is very Do-It-Yourself, generally just requiring the help of another person. All you need is a little bit of muscle and you’ll be enjoying your dock in no time!

The hardest part of the EZ Dock installation process is generally just getting your EZ Dock product into the water. This is where having an extra hand is required. Once you start getting pieces in, simply connect them with EZ Dock’s coupler system, which is hooked into the pockets of the dock section. This requires an EZ Dock Installation Tool and Coupler Socket, both of which can be purchased from your local EZ Dock dealer. Once the coupler has been hooked and pulled up through the connecting pockets, use a 15/16″ socket on an impact driver to use the coupler drive tool to tighten the couplers together.

After the dock has been put together, all that’s left to do is install the gangway and anchor the dock. Gangway installation is as easy as anything else in the process. Your local EZ Dock dealer will sell you a gangway hinge kit, which attaches into the pockets of the dock and onto the gangway. This will allow the gangway to raise and lower with the dock as water levels fluctuate. Anchoring is the final step in the installation process. For most DIY methods, this is typically going to be galvanized steel pipe. It can be pounded down into the ground with a post driver, or driven into the ground with an auger on the bottom and a pipe wrench if the bottom of the water is soft enough. After that, it’s simply time to relax and enjoy the waterfront knowing that you’ll never have another headache due to your dock.

Can I Install Other EZ Dock Products Myself Too?

The short answer is Yes! Other EZ Dock products such as EZ Ports, EZ BoatPorts, and EZ Kayak Launches are all just as easy to install. These products can be attached to any existing dock, such as floating or stationary, or to any EZ Dock. Attaching to a preexisting dock is a simple process that just requires an EZ Dock Floating Dock Hinge Kit (Part Number #100700). This hinge hooks one side into the pockets of the dock or port, and the other side is bolted to the side board on the other dock. This installation process is much simpler than installing other types of lifts that require leveling and proper construction to work correctly.

Should I Install My Own Dock?

Installing a dock is always best left to the professionals, but if possible installing on your own will save you time, money, and will probably leave you feeling more satisfied that you got to build and watch your own creation go in the water. All that’s required is your screwdrivers, impacts, pipe wrench, and installation tools from EZ Dock. If you are interested in learning more about EZ Dock or the installation process, feel free to browse our products, or request a quote and our team of experts will reach out to you to best determine your needs.

Why Choose EZ Dock?

The process of buying a new dock can be very exhausting. There are so many options to chose from that not knowing the right dock system for your body of water could result in a disaster. Unfortunately, the process doesn’t get easier after having a new dock installed either because in order to keep the dock in good condition it must be properly maintained. This can lead to many headaches. Fortunately, EZ Dock makes owning a dock worry-free, meaning getting out on the water has never been easier!

Benefits of Owning EZ Dock

There are many benefits to owning an EZ Dock system, so today we’ll focus on a few of the big ones. EZ Dock is versatile, durable, and worry-free. It has the ability to be shaped into any way you want, making sure that it will fit your needs. It can withstand the beatings that mother nature throws at it, so it will always be ready to use the next time you walk out on the dock. Owning EZ Dock is a great waterfront investment that will provide a lifetime of happiness.


EZ Dock’s modular dock sections are the most versatile dock on the market today. Other docks such as wood or steel generally come pre-configured into a specific shape and size. EZ Dock allows for the owner to shape and adapt it to any size they want. Think of building bricks many children play with and own. The great thing about EZ Dock is you don’t have to start with the huge dock system you hope to one day own. You can start with just a single dock section if you wanted. EZ Dock allows for easy expansion in the future, where as other docks will require heavy modifications that could be costly.


Constructed out of 3/4″ thick High Density Polyethylene, EZ Dock is designed to handle anything that is thrown at it. It is designed to rise and lower with the water levels, meaning it can be left in year round. EZ Dock has withstood harsh snow falls and the viscous winds of tropical storms. Never worry about a frame snapping and warping, or bolts breaking with the EZ Dock innovative coupler system. They have even held together when one end of a dock was lifted up by a crane!


With EZ Dock, you never have to worry about the maintenance and upkeep of owning any other kind of dock. With the HDPE construction, you won’t worry about any rotting or splintering. You’ll also not have to worry about the steel frame or bolts that hold the dock together. The built-in slip-resistant decking texture won’t need replaced or repainted in a matter of years. You’ll simply be able to walk out and start having fun.

As stated earlier, owning an EZ Dock system is one of the best investments you will make for your waterfront property. It is designed to be the last dock you’ll ever need. It is easily shaped to whatever layout perfectly fits your needs. If you’d like to learn more about EZ Dock, feel free to request a quote from our team of experts. We will work with you to do design a dock that will fit all of your needs and leave you satisfied.