Transform Your Next Water Event With Dock Rentals

There are many events that can be made more fun by adding water. If you’re holding an event near water, it makes sense to try to utilize it for more space for entertainment. It opens up a whole new layer of entertainment that wouldn’t be possible on land. There are all kinds of events that renting a dock could boost: regattas, marathons, weddings, parties, reunions, fireworks, construction, movies, church, or whatever you could possibly think of. Renting a dock gives you the temporary fun you need in the moment without having to pay a permanent price.

The Benefits of Renting A Dock with EZ Dock

There are many different applications where you could use a dock whether it’s for work or play. Floating dock rentals allow you to use a dock as long as needed. You could even expand the area of your existing dock by adding a few temporary dock sections if you’re hosting an event with a lot of traffic.

Finding the right floating dock solution is key. As one of the top floating dock manufacturers in the world, EZ Dock is the solution of choice for customers who need safety, stability and adaptability.

The Benefits of EZ Dock include:

Durability. The first dock EZ Dock installed more than 26 years ago is still going strong. Our docks are designed to last, so you get value for your money and can enjoy many special events with your temporary dock. With a thick polyethylene construction, EZ Dock sections can handle any heavy duty application thrown its way.

Adaptability: EZ Dock’s unique modular design means that your temporary dock sections can be assembled and reassembled in nearly countless configurations. Plus, as your needs evolve, EZ Dock grows with you. We have a variety of dock section shapes and sizes, boat ports, PWC and kayak launches and lots of accessories to ensure your temporary docking solution meets your event’s exact needs.

Safety. Every EZ Dock product is designed with safety in mind. Slip-resistant surfaces are molded right into the dock, helping to ensure that guests can walk over the dock with less risk of slips and falls. Grooves on the docks ensure water flows off and does not pose a hazard. Unlike wood docks, with EZ Dock you won’t have to worry about rotten planks, splinters or nails.

Easy. No other dock solution offers the ease of use of EZ Dock. Our sturdy dock sections adjust to the water leaving you with no maintenance worries if a storm comes through. With an easy installation that will leave no permanent damage to the environment, EZ Dock requires no large crews to set up. Giving your more time to focus on your event.

How A Dock Rental Can Transform Your Next Event

A dock rental offers the people gathered at your event full access to the water without you paying full price for a dock. If you’re only hosting the event once, it makes sense rent a dock to save thousands of dollars to help keep budgets low. A rented dock can turn a hot day in the park with no shade to the best place to cool off and take a quick dip. There are several different applications in which a rented dock can greatly benefit everyone involved:

Athletic: There are many lakes, public pools, and natatoriums where athletic competitions are held on the water. In the past, EZ Dock has worked with rowing teams hosting regattas to provide a dock for all participants to launch their rowing boat. The Low-Profile dock sections have a low freeboard height, allowing users to launch their boat in the water safely while being close to the water. We have also set up docks for triathlons to allow their athletes to jump into the water.

Recreational: There are many fun events that can be held on land, but the fun can double if it’s held on water! We have set up movie theaters, concert stages, church services, firework shows and we’ve also provided water access for many weddings, parties, and reunions. No matter what fun activity you have planned, if it can be held on land we’ll make sure we can host it on the water too.

Industrial: EZ Dock has been used as a portable floating platform in many applications, allowing access from the water while construction is performed near it. With a heavy duty build and a high weight capacity, EZ Dock can handle the roughest jobs. It can be configured into a floating work platform, or can be used for transport as a material barge. You could even design a floating pump station.

Final Thoughts On Dock Rentals

Renting a dock allows you to temporarily use the perfect set up to get people on the water. You get all the benefits of fun, without all the headaches from maintenance. If you’re planning an event that has a body of water near it, look into the possibility of adding a dock to add an extra layer of fun. EZ Dock of Mid-America will work with you to design the perfect dock no matter what application. Our team of experts will handle everything from design to installation, leaving you to only worry about your event. If you’re interested in renting a dock, feel free to contact us here on our website. You can also give us a call at (800) 654-8168.