Dock Sections

Dock Sections

EZ Dock is the perfect solution for any docking needs, no matter what application. From large scale marinas to personal kayak launches, EZ Dock is adaptable to any situation. With its modular design and extreme versatility, creating the perfect dock for you needs is that easy!


EZ Dock sections can be configured to any layout. The various dock sections can be combined with accessories to create the dock that is right for you. It’s perfect for any application from small ponds to large marinas.


Featuring slip-resistant decking, ultra-thick walls, and built-in flotation, EZ Dock sections are designed to adapt with the changes in water. From harsh weather conditions to sea level fluctuation, EZ Dock can handle anything that is thrown at it.


Constructed out of High-Density Polyethylene, EZ Dock will never splinter, rot, or rust. No more worrying about painting or re-decking, simply wash the dock off with soap and water from a garden hose.

EZ Dock Sections

40" x 10' Dock

60" x 10' Dock

80" x 10' Dock

80" x 100" Dock

40" x 60" Baby Dock

80" x 10' Low Profile Dock

Half Hex Dock

Tri Dock

Why Choose EZ Dock?

EZ Dock was founded by water enthusiasts for water enthusiasts. Our primary focus is to ensure that customers are getting the dock that will last them a lifetime. EZ Dock suits the needs in many homes, marinas, parks, recreational areas, and more.

The secret to our success? Quality. EZ Dock is constructed out of durable materials that will hold up over time and still look great. It’s barefoot friendly thanks to slip-resistant decking and harmful sun ray protection. Our docks are environmentally friendly and leave no impact. They emit no harmful chemicals, as treated lumber can. If you want the best investment in your waterfront, contact us for a free estimate today.

Advantages of our Custom Dock Systems

Our dock sections offer several advantages:

  • They are designed with the most innovative features. EZ Dock sections are roto-molded to be durable, slip-resistant and low-maintenance. On top features a slip-resistant texture for decking, making them more friendly for bare feet than wood or concrete. The materials are built to last, so no more worrying about maintenance including splintering or rotting.
  • They create customizable dock systems. Our dock sections come in multiple shapes and sizes so they can be configured to your exact specifications. The range of choices means you get the design you need for your commercial or residential dock.
  • They are more durable. Floating docks are usually one section, giving them little flexibility in harsh weather, increasing the risk of damage. EZ Dock sections are coupled together, allowing for movement along with the water to prevent damage during harsh conditions. This bit of give has allowed EZ Dock systems to withstand even tropical storms.
  • They are easy to install. EZ Dock sections are connected with our durable coupling that is simply tightened by a bolt. Your dock will be up and running in no time, providing a perfect spot for boating, fishing and swimming.

Interested in EZ Dock? Feel free to request a quote and our team will work to design the dock that perfectly fits your needs. With it’s durability and versitility, EZ Dock is sure to be the last dock you’ll ever need!