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Our dock blogs are written to cover all aspects of the water including boating, swimming, or fishing. We are a seasonal business which means we have a noticeable change in the usage of our equipment from summer to winter. Our busiest season is from Memorial Day to Labor Day. When writing our blogs, you may notice what is written will cover topics from the current season.

The Best Dock Configuration for Fishing

Are you getting ready for next year’s boating season? This is the best time of year to start planning all the necessary repairs and upgrades that your boat dock and lift need to be up and running for the start of next year’s season. It’s best to know what’s required early, so there will be … Read more

The Difference in Seawalls

A seawall is used for preventing shoreline erosion from water over time. Due to water’s acidic nature, it will corrode soil and sand away and strip back a shoreline. A seawall offers a barrier of protection that will leave a shoreline in the same shape as it has been. There are different methods of shoreline … Read more

How to Properly Use A Public Boat Ramp

During the boating season, public boat ramps are a high traffic area that can be a little intimidating to new lake goers. Frustration usually runs high on the public boat ramp due to long waits and owners wanting to ensure they safely get their boat in and out of the water. If you have someone … Read more

Introducing the New EZ Port 280

The EZ Port line of personal watercraft (PWC) lifts by EZ Dock has been considered by many to be the best line of lifts on the market. Since launching the series in 1996, over time the ports have evolved to include adjustable rollers and self-centering split entry to make getting in and out of the … Read more

How to Choose the Right PWC Port

If you’re a new personal watercraft (PWC) or waterfront property owner, nothing beats a fun day riding around the lake during the summer. While riding around the lake is a blast, pulling the jet ski out of water is a tedious chore that nobody wants to do if they don’t have to. Fortunately, there’s a … Read more

Why Do I Need to Store My Boat on a Lift?

Boat are made for the water, so one might think “Why don’t I just leave my boat in the water?”. While boats are designed to travel on water, leaving a boat in the water either year round or for the entire season will damage a boat. Many new boat owners may be surprised to hear … Read more

The FAQs of EZ Dock

EZ Dock is one of the best solutions available for waterfront owners. However, after years of traditional steel and wood docks being the most common dock installed people may be a little hesitant to abandon what they know for a product they are uninformed about. With it’s modular-design and worry-free durability, EZ Dock allows a … Read more

Transform Your Next Water Event With Dock Rentals

There are many events that can be made more fun by adding water. If you’re holding an event near water, it makes sense to try to utilize it for more space for entertainment. It opens up a whole new layer of entertainment that wouldn’t be possible on land. There are all kinds of events that … Read more

The King of Ports: Why the EZ Port is the Best

Jet Skis, or Personal Watercraft (PWC), are a great source of fun on the water. To be able to zip across the water at fast speeds on a little watercraft is kind of like racing on a track. You get to feel the cool breeze of the wind while But what happens to the fun … Read more

The Best Dock for Hotels and Resorts

Have you ever been to the beach? It’s the spot most families on vacation like to travel to here in the winter time. People want to escape the snow and ice and go somewhere so warm that they forget the cold feeling. If you own a hotel or resort located on water, you can transform … Read more


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