How to Choose the Right PWC Port

If you’re a new personal watercraft (PWC) or waterfront property owner, nothing beats a fun day riding around the lake during the summer. While riding around the lake is a blast, pulling the jet ski out of water is a tedious chore that nobody wants to do if they don’t have to. Fortunately, there’s a solution to storing your PWC that will leave it high and dry, and out of corrosive water. The EZ Port! The EZ Port series by EZ Dock is the market leader in PWC ports due to it’s ease of use, protection, and durability.

Why You Need A Jet Ski Port

Owning a lift for your personal watercraft is essential to protecting the investment value because it keeps the PWC in the original condition that it was in as the day you bought it. By taking a jet ski out of water after each use, you eliminate the long term problems that are associated with leaving a jet ski in the water. Over time a jet ski will get hull damage by rubbing and banging up against a dock when the wind picks up and the weather worsens. Water will also fade paint on the hull over time due to the acidity in unpurified water minerals. While both of these are cosmetic damage that can lead to a big problem later, they will decrease the value of the jet ski and make it look old quick. People want to keep their PWC shiny and new, and have it last a long time. Water will also damage the internal parts of a jet ski, causing them to rust and gunk up quick if constantly submerged. So a quick way to make your jet ski look old and not run right is to leave it in the water.

A PWC lift or jet ski port will suspend your jet ski out of water, allowing it to be safely stored in a dry location. There are many models of jet ski port on the market including standard crank lifts, foam-filled polyethylene ports, or even wooden lifts but none compare to the EZ Port series. With plenty of adjustable rollers, getting in and out of the water with an EZ Port is as simple as rolling on and sliding off.

How EZ Port Compares to Competition

While the market is full of competing PWC lifts, none offer the durability and ease-of-use as EZ Dock. There’s still EZ Ports from 25+ years ago in the water today! The two most common PWC lifts are stationary and floating. A stationary lift will sit in the water in a fixed location and typically requires a wheel to crank the PWC in and out of the water. Instead of spending time cranking, EZ Port owners are able to use the built-in adjustable rollers to pull on and slide off. EZ Ports face much more competition when compared against floating PWC lifts. A floating PWC lift rises and lowers with the water level, perfect for bodies of water with a lot of fluctuation.

The competition to the EZ Port all lacks a key feature in one way or another. For example, most PWC lift manufacturers also fill their product with marine foam. A foam-filled PWC port will hold up for a couple of years, but after a while they will start to get warped and the plastic will bubble. Those bubbles will fill with water, causing the port to slowly start to sink. Another negative factor of foam is the harm to the environment caused when the beads start to leak. EZ Ports are all hollow and constructed out of durable polyethylene, meaning they will hold up for decades. Another advantage EZ Ports have when it comes to durability is the single unit one piece construction. Some competitors offer their set ups in modular cubes or sections that need to be coupled together. The problem with these designs is the pressure put on them by bending and conforming to the weight of the hull of a PWC. Over time the links will weaken and eventually snap leading to expensive repairs. EZ Port offers the user the most durable construction while being the easiest to use.

Picking the Right EZ Port for Your Lift

Much like there are different sizes and models of PWC, EZ Port offers three different lifts. The EZ Port MAX 2i, the current industry standard, is designed for larger three seat PWCs and features 12 adjustable rollers that can be shaped to match the hull of a PWC. For smaller 2 seat PWC, the EZ Port VXP is designed to accommodate any brand of shorter PWC with a weight limit of up to 1,300 lbs. The newest offering, the EZ Port 280, will be 80″ wide with an additional 10″ walk space compared to the MAX 2i. While the choice may be a little confusing, you can find out more about the different models here.

If you’re interested in an EZ Port, or have any questions regarding PWC lifts feel free to reach out to our team of experts. We’ll work with you to determine the PWC you own and the right lift that fits your needs. As always, you can also call to talk to your local EZ Dock dealer at (800) 654-8168.

The King of Ports: Why the EZ Port is the Best

Jet Skis, or Personal Watercraft (PWC), are a great source of fun on the water. To be able to zip across the water at fast speeds on a little watercraft is kind of like racing on a track. You get to feel the cool breeze of the wind while But what happens to the fun when the sun goes down? Then it’s time to begin the process of getting your PWC out of the water. Some people choose to go the hard route and pull their jet skis out of the water onto a trailer after every use. However, smart owners will store them in a PWC lift. There are several models of PWC lift available, but today I’m here to tell you why the EZ Port reigns king.

EZ Ports: The Market Leader

When it comes time to store your EZ Port, why mess with methods that require a lot of work? Nobody wants to spend time cranking up their jet ski onto a trailer or lift after they’ve been in the water all day. With the EZ Port series, getting in and out of the water is as simple as drive on and roll off.


There are two different models of EZ Port: the EZ Port VXP and EZ Port MAX 2i. For smaller 2 seat PWCs, the VXP is recommended. With a capacity rating of up to 1,300 lbs., the EZ Port VXP is great for small models of PWC such as the Yamaha EX, Sea-Doo Spark and Trixx, and the Kawasaki SX-R.


EZ Port VXP features include:

  • (8) moveable rollers which can be positioned in any of the (36) location channels to shape to any hull
  • 1,300 lb. weight capacity designed for smaller 2 seat PWC
  • Built-in bow stop to peacefully prevent overshooting
  • Barefoot friendly with slip-resistant decking texture and UV protection

EZ Port MAX 2i

The EZ Port MAX 2i is the market leader for PWC ports. It is designed for larger vessels of up to 1,800 lbs. With its adjustable rollers, the EZ Port MAX 2i can be adapted to fit any size hull perfectly. They work better with larger 3 seat PWC, but are great for any jet ski model.

EZ Port MAX 2i

EZ Port MAX 2i features include:

  • (8) adjustable rollers that can be adapted to fit any hull shape or size
  • (4) entry rollers designed to allow for easy entry
  • 1,800 lb. weight capacity designed for all PWC including larger 3 seat models
  • Built-in bow stop to peacefully prevent overshooting
  • Barefoot friendly with slip-resistant decking texture and UV protection

EZ Ports Make Getting In and Out Easy

EZ Ports are floating modular PWC lifts that can be installed anywhere there is water. They can be attached to EZ Dock, stand alone with built-in pipe sleeves, or attach to any existing dock with a hinge kit. These universal PWC lifts will transform the way you get out on the water with your jet ski. You can know focus all of your time on the fun you’ll have on the water, without having to worry about getting the jet ski in and out of the water.

If you’re interested in an EZ Port lift, feel free to reach out to us for more information. Our team of experts will assist you with choosing the right lift for your dock and PWC, and make sure you spend more time on the water than off worrying about how to get back on. Feel free to connect with EZ Dock at (800) 654-8168.