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Have you ever been to the beach? It’s the spot most families on vacation like to travel to here in the winter time. People want to escape the snow and ice and go somewhere so warm that they forget the cold feeling. If you own a hotel or resort located on water, you can transform your waterfront into a hot spot destination with the right dock. With a dock on the water, your guests will be able to do several water activities: swim, boat, kayak, and of course you can always stop to admire the view!

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Benefits of EZ Dock for Hotels and Resorts on the Water

A lot of hotels and resorts are located on the water, and several already have an EZ Dock system installed! EZ Dock is the perfect solution for hotels and resorts. With an incredible line of products that offers guests a way to enhance their favorite waterfront activities, EZ Dock can be shaped and configured into the ultimate set up that perfectly fits your needs. Here are a few of the benefits EZ Dock can bring your hotel. EZ Dock systems are:

  • Versatile: EZ Dock is a modular dock system, allowing you to design a dock to any shape or size you’d like. You can design a dock with multiple boat slips, a dock that just goes straight out, or a dock that looks like a traditional fishing pier. The best part? If you don’t like it, you can always shape it to something else. Designing a great dock for a hotel and resort is made easy with EZ Dock.
  • Safe: With a barefoot-friendly slip-resistant texture on the deck, guests will be able to run up and down the dock with no worries! The durable polyethylene material will never crack or splinter, and you’ll never have to worry about nails sticking out of the decking. Never worry about stepping on a hot deck and burning your feet due to the dock’s UV protection.
  • Low Maintenance: With EZ Dock’s safety comes durability. The construction of the section’s thick walls will prevent rotting, rusting, splintering. This means that yearly maintenance costs to maybe paint decking or replace anything that breaks will be nonexistent. This investment will pay itself off in the long run!

Dock Solutions for Hotels and Resorts

There are many ways to shape an EZ Dock to meet all of your needs. You can go with a L-Shape, T-Shape, I- or E-, whatever works best for the water you are located on. Our local dealers and team of experts will work with you to design the perfect solution for you and your guests to swim, boat, fish, walk, or anything else you can think of. Some solutions that we may suggest include:

  • Swim Platforms: Our floating swimming platforms are safe and accessible for all ages. They can be equipped with a water slide for even more fun! Give your guests a spot to rest a minute before they get back in the water for more fun!
  • PWC and Boat Rentals: A great source of extra income is to rent equipment for your guests to use while they enjoy their stay. Since they’re on the water and far from home, the chances of them owning a boat or jet ski is pretty low! Of course they’d like to be able to fully enjoy the experience, so a dock equipped with a few EZ Ports or BoatPorts will give them a chance to enjoy the water the way they want to.
  • Dock Accessories: In addition to giving your guests access to all the activities that are possible on the water, of course you’ll have a beautiful view that people would like to stop and enjoy. By equipping your dock with accessories such as benches with arm rests, swim ladders, and more, you’ll transform your dock from a place of activity to a cozy place to sit and relax.

More Information About EZ Hotel & Resort Docks

EZ Dock ensures the highest quality of safety with our dock sections. They are durable, stable, and offer slip-resistant grip. Your investment will be will protected, and will last nearly a lifetime. Hotels and resorts fall in love with EZ Dock when they see the weather it can handle, some systems have even held up in hurricanes! There will never be any worries about maintenance, you will not have to worry about repainting and maintenance schedules with EZ Dock. If you’re ready to improve your guests’ experience and waterfront property aesthetic – all while providing a strong return on investment, contact your nearest EZ Dock dealer today.

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