The Top 5 Reasons to Rent a Floating Dock

There are many special occasions that can be held on the water or use a boat dock, but they don’t necessarily need a permanent floating dock setup. A great solution for events is dock rentals. With a temporary installation, you get the best of both worlds—a custom waterfront setup without the long-term commitment.

Whether you’re looking to rent a floating dock for work or play, an experienced waterfront services company can help you out with everything from dock design to installation. Rental options can range from one day to a full year. No matter what the occasion is, EZ Dock can build the perfect floating dock option to meet your needs.

Top 5 Events for Dock Rentals

1. Swim Meet Dock Rentals

Marinas and Parks love to rent docks for their one day or weekend athletic events. With a temporary installation a floating dock rental can transform a body of water, such as a small lake or pond, into the perfect spot to host an open body swim meet. A temporary install will help you run any event flawlessly without a long-term investment.

The best floating docks come with a modular setup that makes renting cost-effective too. Our expert design team will work with your to customize the perfect temporary solution for your event. Designing the dock that fits the needs of your participants and event crew is easy! Just rent whatever dock pieces you need, and there will be plenty of space to be able to walk around or dry-dock for a safe and professional event.

2. Dock Rentals for Regattas

Another popular athletic event for dock rentals is boat or canoe regattas. With EZ Dock’s modular floating dock system, many colleges and universities transform their indoor pools or Natatoriums into the perfect spot for rowing participants. Most rowers prefer EZ Dock’s Low Profile dock sections which allow for safe entry into a canoe due to its low freeboard height close to the water.

3. Construction Platform Rentals

When performing construction near the water it can be difficult to maneuver heavy operating equipment into the proper position. But there’s a way to access everything from the water – with a floating construction platform! Due to their durable construction, EZ Dock sections can support a heavy load. While renting a barge is always an option, EZ Dock can design a floating platform in an economic way.

EZ Dock systems are durable and weather resistant. Constructed out of High Density Polyethylene, EZ Dock sections are built to last for many years to come. Our dock systems are even able to withstand hurricanes and tropical storms! With EZ Dock, you’ll never worry about maintenance from rotting, splintering, or rusting.

4. Summer Camp Floating Docks

The top priorities for a summer camp when searching for a dock solution are safety and cost. While most would usually think of a wood dock as the best affordable option for a camp, there is always a safety concern with wooden planks rotting. Fortunately, EZ Dock is the perfect choice that combines the top two needs. With a slip-resistant decking texture, no other option offers the safety that EZ Dock can. The sturdy polyethylene surface is a great upgrade on the old classic wood docks, and renting can be a lot most cost effective than replacing an outdated setup.

5. Dock Rentals for Summer Events

There are many more activities that can be listed on this blog, but we have to narrow it down to 5. Our last great reason to rent a dock is for any summer event you may want to have on the water. Obviously this is a very broad topic, but it can include anything from a concert, a movie theater, or even church! Our modular dock system can be shaped to the perfect arrangement for whatever you may think of. With the durable material, you’ll never have to worry about weather causing damage to the dock while you rent.

If you’re interested in renting a dock for your next event, feel free to contact our experts to get you started. We will work with you to determine your needs for the event, and come up with a solution that will leave you to focus on other planning. Make your next event the hot spot to be!

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