Accessing Your Dock with Gangways

To access your dock, you may need a bridge or gangway to walk between your shoreline and dock depending on the shape of your land. A gangway provides a comfortable, stable walking platform to access your dock if you’re unable to access it directly from land. While docks can be accessed in other ways such as planks or ramps, gangways offer numerous benefits over other methods.

Before purchasing a gangway, there are several things to consider. Keep in mind that you can generally determine what you’ll need by seeing what the neighbors around you use. First, you need to determine the length and width of the gangway you need. When deciding the length, think of how far out you’ll want your dock to go from the shore. Longer gangways will help push your dock out further into the water, but local ordinances may prevent docks from going out too far into the water. The next thing to consider is your options for decking. You can choose wood, aluminum, or ThruFlow which will allow water to seep through if submerged.

EZ Dock Aluminum Gangway

Gangway vs Ramp

There are benefits to both gangways and ramps depending on what application they are needed for. A ramp is better suited for smaller distances. They are generally fixed into position, so they are better suited for bodies of water with low fluctuation. They also don’t come with handrails, so there won’t be a method of support for people that may require it.

Gangways are better than ramps in most ways. While a ramp may be more budget friendly, a gangway provides more stabilization and comfort. A gangway is good for any application, whether it is floating or stationary. The gangway will raise and lower with a floating dock as water levels fluctuate. They also provide extra support with a handrail, which means they’re also ADA compliant.

Other Uses for Gangways

Gangways are good in other applications besides docks. They can be use as elevated walking paths, or on trail systems, or in any application that needs a bridge to cross. With a gangway, you can gain new access to lands that you didn’t think was possible. From walking through a wet marshland to walking up along the tree tops, you’ll be able to fully utilize your land.

If you’re in need of a gangway, feel free to reach out to our team of experts to help determine the best solution for you. We will determine the best material for your gangway, along with the correct size.

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