EZ Dock of Mid-America is a regional marine contractor, that can supply or install modular dock solutions for residential, commercial, government, or industrial projects. With over 30 years of experience in waterfront services, we have designed dock solutions for several applications including boat docks, boat lifts, jet skit lifts, kayak launches, trails, and waterside access (gangways, stairs, wall retention).

Our experts have designed perfect solutions to fit a customer’s needs. Some our designs are used in applications such as floating work platforms, material barges, rowing docks, water slides, elevated walkways, floating concert stages, floating movie theaters, and athletic competitions. No matter what you’re looking to host on the water, our team will design the perfect solution for you. 

Over the years, we have installed countless boat docks, boat lifts, kayak launches, and jet ski ports in several states across the Midwest: Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Illinois, Tennessee, and Missouri.

Across these different states, we have a record of the different bodies of water we have served and will continue to service. Also a list of the lakes that are neighboring and within our territory. Please note this is a not a end all be all, we are constantly picking up new customers, new dealers, and new territories. Feel free to reach out today, if you have any questions please requesting a quote here or email us at

Lake Serviced in Kentucky:

  • Green River Lake (Campbellsville, Kentucky)
  • Buckhorn Lake (Gays Creek, Kentucky)
  • Carr Creek Lake (Sassafras, Kentucky)
  • Combs Lake (Manchester, Kentucky)
  • Fishtrap Lake (Raccoon, Kentucky)
  • Kentucky Lake (Western Kentucky)
  • Lake Barkley (Western Kentucky)
  • Lake Cumberland (Lake Cumberland, Kentucky)
  • Dale Hollow Lake (Dale Hollow, Kentucky)
  • Levisa Fork (Pikeville, Kentucky)
  • Grants Branch (Pike County, Kentucky)
  • Reelfoot Lake (Union City, Kentucky)
  • Cannon Creek Lake (Middlesboro, Kentucky)
  • Chenoa Lake (Pineville, Kentucky)
  • Martins Fork Lake (Harlan, Kentucky)
  • Cranks Creek Lake (Harlan, Kentucky)
  • Greenbo Lake State Park (Argillite, Kentucky)
  • Peabody State Wildlife Area (Greenville, Kentucky)
  • Grapevine Lake (Madisonville, Kentucky)
  • Bullock Pen Lake (Verona, Kentucky)
  • Deer Lake (Sadieville, Kentucky)
  • Yesterville Lake (Lorisa, Kentucky)
  • Paintsville Lake State Park (Staffordsville, Kentucky)
  • Ohio River (Paducah, Kentucky)
  • Lake PeeWee (Madisonville, Kentucky)
  • Lake Herndon (Russellville, Kentucky)
  • Grayson Lake Wildlife Area (Grayson, Kentucky)
  • Cave State Park (Olive Hill, Kentucky)
  • Freeman Lake (Elizabethtown, Kentucky)
  • Douglas Lake (Radcliffe, Kentucky)
  • Laurel River Lake (Corbin, Kentucky)
  • Lake Linville (Mount Vernon, Kentucky)
  • Fern Lake (Middlesboro, Kentucky)
  • Doe Valley Lake ( Brandenburg, Kentucky)
  • Lake Nevin (Clermont, Kentucky)
  • Fishermans Park (Louisville, Kentucky)
  • McNeely State Park (Louisville, Kentucky)
  • Putneys Pond (Prospect, Kentucky)
  • Harrods Creek (Prospect, Kentucky)
  • Guist Creek Lake (Shelbyville, Kentucky)
  • Lake Jerricho (Smithfield, Kentucky)
  • Crystal Lake (La Grange, Kentucky)
  • Reformatory Lake ( La Grange, Kentucky)
  • Braver Lake (Lawrenceburg, Kentucky)
  • Grayson Lake (Olive Hill, Kentucky)
  • Lake Malone (Dunmor, Kentucky)
  • Ballard Wildlife Mgmt Area (Barlow, Kentucky)
  • Lake Beshear (Dawson Springs, Kentucky)
  • Williamsburg Lake (Lawrenceburg, Kentucky)
  • Sympson Lake (Bardstown, Kentucky)
  • Kentucky River (Frankfort, Kentucky)
  • Reservoir Number 1 (Lexington, Kentucky)
  • Jacobson Park (Lexington, Kentucky)
  • Reservoir Number 2 (Lexington, Kentucky)
  • Taylor Fork Lake (Richmond, Kentucky)
  • Reservoir Number 3 (Lexington, Kentucky)
  • Cedar Creek Lake (Stanford, Kentucky)
  • Reservoir Number 4 (Lexington, Kentucky)
  • General Butler State Park (Carrollton, Kentucky)
  • North Fork Beach (McDaniels, Kentucky)
  • Paintsville Lake Wildlife Area (Oil Springs, Kentucky)
  • Barren River Lake (Scottsville, Kentucky)
  • Cave Run Lake (Olympia, Kentucky)
  • Dewey Lake (Prestonsburg, Kentucky)
  • Nolan River Lake (Bee Spring, Kentucky)
  • Rough River Lake (Falls of Rough, Kentucky)
  • Taylorsville Lake (Mount Eden, Kentucky)
  • Herrington Lake (Lancaster, Kentucky)