EZ Dock of Mid-America is a regional marine contractor, that can supply or install residential, commercial, or government projects. With over 30 years of experience we have had encounters with every type of situation in regards to docks, lifts, kayak launches, and waterside access(stairs, gangways, and trails).

We are able to design you a custom docking solution for any application you may think of, i.e. construction platforms / barge rentals, regatta docks, floating concert stages, and more. We will always listen to our customers needing helping on other facets of their waterfront area, and needs.

Primarily we are experts in DOCKS. PORTS. LAUNCHES.

Through these years, and numerous projects of boat docks, boat and jet ski lifts, and kayak launches we have been at many different locations across the Midwest; Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Illinois, Tennessee, and Missouri.

Across these different states, we have a record of the different bodies of water we have served and will continue to service. Also a list of the lakes that are neighboring that are within or territory. Please note this is a not a end all be all, we are constantly picking up new customers, new dealers, and new territories. Feel free to reach out today, if you have any questions please call our office at 800.654.8168 or E-mail us at