EZ Kayak Launch


Greater Stability For Any Ability

Nature is a place of wonder. A place to reflect, recharge, and plan what’s next. There’s nothing except you, your thoughts, and the truth yet to be discovered. Out here, anything is possible. There are no limits on your imagination or the places you can go. Getting here should be just as clear and effortless.

At EZ Dock, we’re on a mission to make it that way. Our EZ Kayak Launch removes the barriers that stand between you and the open water. Its superior stability lets you push off and dock with confidence, security and ease – giving you more time to be exactly where you want to be.

What’s standing between you and the open water? Inexperience? Cold weather? Remove barriers and launch with confidence anytime with our new EZ Kayak Launch.


  • Integrated paddle notches make launching and docking safe and easy. Paddles stay safely secure while users are getting in or out of the boat, and no added work is needed to keep paddles safe in place
  • V-shaped entry centers your vessel for a consistent, confident launch. Even new kayakers and canoers can feel more confident with the added stability this brings
  • One-piece floating construction rises and falls with fluctuating water levels. This makes it easier for all users to access the dock and the water
  • Seamless connections enable you to connect the launch to any dock (floating or stationary). Easy installation lets this conveniently become a part of your existing dock system
  • Wider format allows you to launch kayaks and canoes with easy in and out access

If you’re interested in a floating kayak launch system, please contact EZ Dock for our expert team to determine a solution that’s right for you.